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The Benefit of a Switch to Coffee Alternatives

We all know that it’s easy to just drive through any fast food restaurant or coffee shop in the morning and pick up that quick drink for a boost of energy. And trust me, I know that years of reliance on coffee and caffeine became more than just a habit for me. I know it’s hard to admit sometimes that you have a caffeine addiction. But, I realized over the past couple of years how easily my energy whithered in the evenings and how tense and frustrated I became after drinking tons of coffee all day long.

After switching to coffee alternatives and basically removing caffeine from my diet, I eventually felt a great relief of my stress and anxiety. I also gained improved sleep and a great boost of natural energy. I have also felt increased health and overall wellness in general with my energy increased. And, I found it much easier to exercise on a regular basis without my energy crashing at the end of my work day.

The Switch to a Caffeine-Free Lifestyle

It may not be an easy switch to make completely for anyone, as I was changing back to my work-from-home freelance writing life, but I realized that a management of my stress, tension, and anxiety would likely increasee with removal of caffeine from daily life. I had previously researched coffee alternatives and their many health benefits. And, these were some of the things that would be most helpful for me, especially with my goals of increased exercise and the need for better sleep to help reduce my stress and improve my mood.

Importance of Coffee Alternatives

It’s easy to drink soda when you want a little caffeine to up your energy later in the day. But, there are plenty other coffee alternatives when you need an energy boost! Even more, these drinks are healthy and provide vitamins and nutrients from a number of natural roots and superfoods.

Many of these coffee alternatives are both coffee or tea flavored along with various tasty flavors available in them similar to the delicious brewed drinks you can order in coffee shops. Even herbal teas serve as coffee alternatives that are naturally caffeinated and you can use them to make smoothies and healthy drinks. Additionally, many teas that are either caffeinated or not are also helpful to gain energy with the herbal supplements that are included in their mix as well and can add to your energy throughout the day.

Types of Coffee Alternatives

Some of the most commonly recommended coffee alternatives for caffeine and energy boosts include the following:

  • Matcha Tea comes from a green powder made of tea leaves ground up with many healthy supplements like amino acids and antioxidants in addition to caffeine.
  • Green Tea provides caffeine along with supplemental anti-inflammation and other antioxidants to add to your health.
  • Yerba Mate Tea is another tea leaf that contains caffeine along with supplements like calcium and vitamins C and E.
  • Kombucha is another direct coffee alternative that can be brewed, and also has nutrient supplements to support your health.
  • Hot Cacao is a hot drink helping to relax at night, though the cocoa bean is also a great energy supplement to be included in your morning drinks.
  • Black Tea strongly brewed can provide tasty caffeine drinks in the morning with a healthier beverage than coffee without the jitters.
  • Chicory Root can also be roasted and ground just like the coffee then brewed while tasting like coffee though it’s caffeine-free.It still has a strong source of fiber, inulin, and more to help with digestion and provide energy.

It’s incredible to see all these types of coffee alternatives and various types of tea that offer caffeine alternatives. You can find coffee alternatives with healthier sources of energy to reduce or even remove caffeine from your diet. So, there is much you can do to improve the health of your diet and reduce the effects of caffeine on you. So, there are many different drinks you can alternate and still increase your energy all throughout the day!