Ghostwritten Book

See a draft of a book ghostwritten for a previous client…

Ella had left the hospital one week before and none of her family had heard from her since. It is clear that something had happened but the next steps are completely unclear. Whether the local police department or drawing in the federal government immediately a family is unsure of how to proceed in recovering their lost beloved.

“I know it! One of my friends is a detective with the city police, and he also does some undercover work with the state government. We can find my sister in no time without getting our family name splattered all over the news!” Edward looked at his parents and brother with extreme hope and love. Knowledge and confidence poured from his eyes and none of them knew what to do but trust his hope and belief in his friend whom, by the way, none of them had ever met previously.

That same night Edward went downtown to the police station knowing that his friend, Michael, always starts his shifts around sundown when taking on the search for local criminals working their attempted quests within normal society. Michael listened closely to Edward’s story and the concerns that he and his family had for the disappearance of Ella, along with their desire to keep their family troubles out of the newspapers and off TV. Michael accepted this story immediately and wondered what lengths he wanted the search to take.

“Mikey, you’re my buddy! Do whatever the hell you have to bring my baby sister home. There is no doubt that something has happened to her, and someone out there picked her up and took her away from us for some reason or other. At least one or the other of us speaks to her at least every other day, and without hearing a single word it is clear that something dangerous is at hand. Please, please, please… I know I never beg but I am here to bring my family back together!”

“OK man, don’t worry. If you are alright with my partner, Wayne, coming along on the ride. We can keep things safe for one another and make sure that this long trip will end successfully. Trust me when I tell you that we are the best detectives around, and I will be able to focus everything on getting Ella home to you. I’m your man!”

With a brief sigh of relief, he returned home to the family hoping that the comfort provided by Michael would pass through to them as well. Edward could only tell them calmly with as much confidence as possible, but he still held up that same face when telling them about the detective pair leaving the following morning in search of Ella. The last thing any of them remembered hearing from Ella was mention of some Mexican leaders coming to the hospital to look for nurses to come to their small town to help piece things back together after an earthquake that had shattered their surroundings a little over a month before. Ella had been extremely excited about the possibility of at least one adventurous trip, both beneficial for her own experience and working to benefit others, but something about the minimal information she had to offer about the men who had come to ask for the assistance of nurses for their town was a little fishy. Michael and Wayne spent their last night in town starting right away on the heels of a Mexican gang that they had already heard to be following second shift nurses out of the hospitals walking alone to their cars. Immediately, Ella’s name rang in their ears and they looked at each other with the potential for their immediate trail beginning in the morning.

Ella was already en route to Mexico with a portion of this Mexican gang, accompanied by a couple of other nurses kidnapped from her same shift. They looked at each other feeling only a minimal amount of luck that they had not yet been beaten or raped by these ruffians speaking almost 100% Spanish in the driver and passenger seat of the small moving van in which they rode roughly to an undetermined destination. Leaving Los Angeles, they knew that there was nothing to do but look after one another, and the only thing they may receive was to take turns sleeping in order to watch over the other while the gangsters proceeded toward their destiny. Her colleague looked at her jealously while Ella appeared to have more confidence and ease in their horrid situation than either of the others could ever imagine. Ella only mentioned over and over again, “Trust me, everything will be alright. There is no way that this will go down without a hitch and there will be some way soon enough that someone will find us and bring us home.”

Ella must have felt all of the conversations going on amongst her family about her definite return to their home and their typical life. However, it is hard to tell how the activities addressed from day to day can change that normal life to one of a completely different nature. Ella felt her own mellow nature was the one to which she belonged, and that there was no other way for her to continue but as a hospital nurse hoping to find the love of her life and add a family of her own to the calm and traditional daily life she loved. This truck in which they were sitting only led her imagination lightly to the potential that something may change in her future, but the actual acceptance of it would still sit a bit farther away.

Amazingly enough, the following morning Michael and Wayne were driving separate cars only about 500 miles behind the truck carrying Ella and her colleagues toward the Mexican border. Although as a detective there is not the image of rescuing some princess from the tower, but definitely there is that image in the mind of a young nurse kidnapped and rolling along in the back of a small moving van to a trapped warehouse in Guadalajara. Without the knowledge that the gangsters up front have intended to keep these nurses for a lifetime of treating their international gangsters alone, Ella could only comprehend the possibility of her knight on a white horse coming to her rescue at any time a stop is made along their route.

Luckily, there was plenty of information provided both by Ella’s family and what she had provided about this so-called international project as well as several of the other employees of the hospital who had seen the cartel members pretending to be small-town leaders looking for help in a time of downfall. This same cartel had several members inside Los Angeles playing drug and financial trickery on many other communities in which these detectives were working over the past six months and they were able to pick up an immediate trail to their lifelong warehouse in Guadalajara. 

Ella was the only one of these three nurses maintaining a bit of calm composure throughout an incredibly screwed up twelve-hour drive across the Mexican border. While listening to a couple of drug cartel members bribing or blackmailing the border booth employees into believing their van ACTUALLY held nothing at all in the back, Ella was actually sitting in the back assuring the others with the calm expression on her face and in her eyes that everything would be OK. She found it hard to believe that this kidnapping was so similar to the ones that are always shown in the movies, with their hands and mouths restricting both their abilities to move and speak. Ella was able to mumble comfort in the others’ direction, even though she certainly felt she was the only one maintaining even a decent amount of sanity within their insane situation.

She felt blessed to remember at least bits and pieces of her high school Spanish, enough to recognize some of the conversations between these two beasts who belonged to one of the most dangerous gangs of both Los Angeles and Guadalajara. These men had been confident enough to walk right into the hospital where she worked and draw in a few young nurses to their ploy, just as confident as they were to walk openly along the streets of L.A. moving along with their drug plots and bringing large quantities into small communities who needed only the efforts of city leadership to increase their safety. Ella was amazed at her own ability to remain so calm and cool in the back of this moving truck while her colleagues sweated and cried over their feared detriment. 

Just as the truck was crossing the border, the efforts of Michael and Wayne had drawn them so quickly along their path as they were only about 100 miles in tow. Conversing bravely back and forth via radio these two detectives sped along highway 101 to at least touch the border before dark on their first day of attempted rescue. Due to police research on the cartel’s actions in L.A., they each held the map coordinates of the drug warehouse in Guadalajara and these two young men held only confidence in their hearts that these three nurses would be home by the end of the week. 

About five miles short of the border they stopped at a Starbucks to grab coffee and snacks, and allow some time to plan their entrance to Mexico and how they would approach the warehouse. With only a little time to talk, two amazing detectives came up with an intelligent plan in under five minutes, filled their coffees to go and each grabbed an extra muffin for the road. It was clear to both of them the need to immediately split their route so that they weren’t both crossing the border that the same time or in the same toll row. They would have to take different Mexican roads to the warehouse itself in order to do their best to fall upon the cartel with at least a decent amount of surprise.

With their routes chosen, they were at the border in moments and able to flash a couple of badges simply stating that they had some case research to do in Mexico in order to gain entrance. Michael thought for a moment, “Is every piece of life this simple as a police detective?” Then thinking things from the other side he realized that it may be worse considering that on any occasion he mistakenly committed a crime or even screwed up on his job he would be arrested by one of his own colleagues, someone he has known for years. And the inspiration to complete this unassigned project successfully with Wayne by his side grew by 100%.

With the coordinates to the warehouse correct, and their plan to arrive there at the same time, it was about sundown the second day that Michael and Wayne arrived within eyeshot of rescuing Ella and her colleagues. About twenty yards apart, the two gentlemen began radio conversation to prep for the nighttime approach. Grabbing his radio Michael whispers, “Night has officially fallen. It’s time to move in for the kill. We’ve never faced these guys in person before, are you ready?”

“Well, I think that no matter what the situation we can always handle it together! You stay over there and go in from the left, and I will head over to the right side. Which one of us will attempt to enter, leaving the other one outside?”

“Wayne, I’m just as nervous as you but we both know we can handle this. C’mon buddy, my friend’s family is relying on us to complete this one!”

“Alright Mike. I can go in first from the right. It looks like there are more windows over on that side and I can sneak around for a little while and find an unlocked one. I’m sure these guys aren’t too worried about the locals trying to take them over since they run the whole fucking place!”

Michael laughed nervously but with a little comfort at the confidently assure nature of his partner. “Just remember, Wayne, don’t high-kick it in there like some ninja on a killing spree. We have to get the girls out safely, and if possible get them out without causing too much of an upset with the cartel. We aren’t actually detectives down here, and even though the station could bring us home safely we are in their land right now which puts us in the greatest of danger if we overstep our bounds. Get in there and find somewhere to hide, then contact me quietly on the radio. Even if it means that you only do a little tapping on the mike so that I get the signal you made it in safely.”

“I got it big guy. Wish me luck!” And Michael sighed a bit of relief in knowing that they were at least close to having this complete, although he was still not able to rest calmly on the ground. No matter the confidence shown on the face or in the voice, even the bravest knight on a white horse can be scared shitless when bringing the princess out of danger. 

Earlier that evening as they were brought into the warehouse by those two members of the cartel, the three nurses had their mouth and wrist constraints removed easily and they were actually given a small meal and some tea to drink. Ella appeared to be the smartest and calmest of the three in this situation, although it seemed to increase the anxiety level of the other two incredibly. Considering the fact that only these two members were in the warehouse at this time, Ella definitely felt some potential in their continued safety. As she kept listening to the conversations between these two it became clearer as to what the intentions of bringing these nurses to them had originally been. The cartel had been looking for skilled nurses to remain in their ownership to care for cartel members alone. From what she could understand it sounded like there was no intention of this ever ending and that the intention of cartel leadership was to keep these nurses in Mexico forever. It was definitely not what Ella and the others had initially hope to do in serving a fallen community.

Ella attempted to communicate this to her colleagues, and hopefully comfort them in the fact that there was no intention of these men to rape or murder them and that the cartel members were only looking for nurses caring for them alone. “Seriously, girls. From what I can understand we are not in any true physical danger from this kidnapping! Their overall international crime is in the drugs, but the danger that they all come under at times means they need the care of their own nurses. So they came up to play that earthquake project trick on the hospital so that they would be able to get the idea of some nurses who were OK with Mexico anyway and were likely gullible enough in some manner that the kidnapping would not be difficult. Please stop freaking out! I have a strong feeling that everything is going to be alright. None of our families will let us be gone this long without making an effort to get to us somehow.”

As the sun completely set Wayne began his journey secretly down the hill toward the warehouse in preparation of rescue of the nurses. Focused only on their ability to move forward with the safety and security of these three young women who had been grabbed from their own workplace, he thought carefully of the best way to present himself in order to help them realize their rescue.

Hearing random activity from some of the cartel members out and about Wayne moved silently between bushes while also maintaining his own calm confidence in their ability to rescue these women outside their own police locale while only holding the broken L.A. laws by these cartel members. Without any understanding of breaking the laws of their own jurisdiction Wayne had to hide his urge to arrest these beasts for drug smuggling and kidnapping altogether. 

Though the movement all the way to the warehouse was slow, taking about 20 minutes or more, and filling up his concentration and focus. After hiding behind and between several bushes and trees he made it to a side window, looking into the lighted warehouse, and saw only the three young nurses left alone by their kidnappers. In order to keep from surprising these victims, Wayne peered into the window silently with only his forehead and eyes, pulled up the radio from his shirt and pushed the button with one finger and tapped on the speaker with the other. As he tapped he blew a slight whispering breath toward Michael on the other side, letting him know that he was there seeing the girls.

Michael’s heart skipped a beat both for the safety of these young women and completing his promise for Edward. He whispered, “Wayne, are you able to tell me anything? If you can talk at all, please let me know at least a couple of words what you see in that horrid warehouse? Are they in danger? Are they hurt in any way?”

Wayne whispered briefly, “They are alone and appear to be fine. We need to get them out now!”

Michael viewed the cartel members wandering around outside. He dodged back and forth, silently running toward the other side of the warehouse hidden amongst the greatest bushes and trees he could find. His heart and spirit led him to be the warrior savior. Approaching a dark outer point of the warehouse he slid up to another window and peeked in to see what Wayne viewed from the other side. He knew they had to get in there immediately and launch their rescue attempt. “Wayne, have you found an unlocked window? We need to get in right away and get these lovely ladies back to our cars so that we can fly immediately back home.”

“Okay, Mike. It looks like there is one to my left that is slightly cracked so I should be able to push it open and climb in. Do you see any over there? It doesn’t look like they have A/C so I would assume they need to leave many windows open at least slightly in this heat!”

After looking back and forth Michael said, “I think I see one open a couple down to my right. Start trying to climb into yours. I see my buddy’s sister, so let me go ahead and try to get her attention from out here so that we don’t surprise them completely. I would hate to have them scream at our entrance and draw any of those criminals back inside. We don’t need to add our danger to theirs!”

Michael went ahead and poked his head up into the middle of the window where he posed, and waited for Ella to turn his way. She definitely appeared to be the calmest and composed of the three, so as soon as she saw him staring and remembered who he was he waved at her quietly and pointed to his right to indicate his entrance to the building. 

Ella thought quickly about what she should say to her companions, and she mentioned again, “Ladies, I am confident of our safety and our ability to return home ASAP. Just calm down for a second before I show you our way out.” They both looked at her and sighed a bit calmly, but neither seemed to have the ability to ask her what she was talking about.

“Are you ready to handle a quiet exit with someone who has come for us safely? All of our captors are outside and it appears that they party outdoors into the late night, so we need to remain quiet and leave with our saviors! Look behind you a couple of windows to our left. That is a friend of my brother’s and he is a detective from our local police. I can only imagine that my family has sent him to rescue us and we are about to return home without any harm whatsoever.” Both of their eyes popped open wide in shock, but they followed Ella’s instructions and remained quiet and as calm as possible.

Michael approached them and said, “Hello ladies, are you ready to come home with us?”

Ella looked at him confused, “What do you mean ‘Us’?”

“Right back there behind you coming in on the other side of this building is my partner, Wayne, and we are here to get all of you out of here safely right away. You all can decide which cars you want to ride in, as each of us drove one down here. C’mon, girls. We need to sneak out the windows and sly back to the cars quietly. So what are our groups?”

Ella looked at both of them. “Well, Michael, I will go ahead and ride with you as I would like to find out a little about how my family has been doing over the past few days. I’m sure they have been scared to death!”

“Shhhh, Ella.” Michael placed his finger in front of his mouth. “Make sure you whisper in here, ladies, but when we exit make sure to creep up to the cars silently. Follow the way that we walk and sometimes crawl among the bushes and trees so that we can get away from these men without any notice. It looks like they are having some sort of party out there and it’s hard to tell what may attract their attention.”

Ella’s companions followed Wayne to the other window and all five of them climbed out the windows and began the journey back to their cars. Usually, these motors were very quiet, but Wayne found immediately that his would not start easily and the motor was grinding pathetically. He buzzed the radio and called out, “Mike! Mike! Mike! Don’t leave yet! I can’t get my car to start quietly and I don’t want to bring any of them up here. Please come over and get us! We can worry about this car later!”

Ella and Mike drove over to the other side of the hilltop and worked to arrange all five of them in one car for the long drive back to L.A. The three nurses sat alongside each other in the back seat, accepting the fact that they would fit the best since they were the smallest and trimmest. Ella realized all of a sudden that her heart fluttered in the company of these two incredibly masculine gentlemen who just saved her and her colleagues from this horrible situation. Looking at the back of their heads and smelling the resonance of their two different colognes, she became curious of what next adventure she may desire in her life. Thinking strongly, “There are so many things in my life that I have wanted to do and without the reality of that professional adventure what else can I do? These two handsome men are sitting right here and put their lives at risk to come down here and get us even though they were not required to do so.” Suddenly she felt some sweaty palms and anxiety to nearly jump up to the front seat between the two of them simply providing the ability to touch both of their arms at the same time.

The race back to L.A. contained minimal conversation amongst any of the five in the car, with a little bit of questioning from Ella to Michael about the standing of her family since her disappearance from her workplace a few days before. “Well, your brother came directly to me asking for a special request to find your kidnappers and work quickly to find you. Your family was so terrified of your safety and condition but also did not want this horrible story placed all over the news considering the trouble that would cause for so many. And you two ladies had reports presented from your families at the police department, so it was lucky that we were able to place all of this together for the three of you as we were connecting the kidnapping to this drug cartel and their various crimes and ludicrous acts being committed around the city.”

Ella sighed deeply at the response of this detective to respond immediately to Edward’s request for action to be taken, as well as on Wayne’s ability to comply with his partner on this job that left their own jurisdiction and added to the risk and danger within their work. The longer they spent in the car quietly the more Ella felt her attraction to both of these handsome gentlemen increasing. The thought of her previous boyfriends made her consider the desire of this masculinity and bravery in a lover, desire of a lover that has more passion and attraction than she could ever remember from her past relationships. 

Simply looking at the back of these two warrior heads for the six hours traveling back home Ella could only imagine the lustiest kisses and enrapturing embraces with either of them… or even both. There would be something more exciting than ever experienced in having both of them in her arms, attached to her from one end to the other for a night of sensual activity more than a simple “I love you” from a boyfriend. Professional adventure had been enticing, but the build of sexual identity through adventurous activity that she or her friends had never imagined tops the highest of any personal desires.

Their journey completed back at the hospital where all of these three young and sensitive nurses were kidnapped upon walking to their cars. Ella’s two companions patted the detectives politely on their shoulders and thanked them graciously for their trip to Mexico to rescue them. “Will you be comfortable driving home? If you’re still scared at all we can drive you home and ensure your feeling of safety.”

They both answered, “No, thank you. I’ll be fine heading home. Thanks again.”

As Ella remained in the back seat of the car quietly both Michael and Wayne turned around to look at her and see if she was comfortable or in need of anything else. She sullenly looked at each of them in the eye and attempted to adjust her composure to that of more confidence, hoping to find a way to entice both of them into her gaze. She winked at them one at a time and leaned forward resting her arms on the top of their seats to place her head right in the middle of their ears. Her mind and heart turned immediately toward luscious conversation, considering the temptation of ménage a trios to bring these two hunky saviors back to her apartment for adventurous sensual activity she had never before experience. She began with a simple request, “I think I would feel better if the two of you drive me home, as this has just been an overwhelming experience.” Whispering sensually into both of their ears Ella began planning her moves to get them both into her bedroom.

The police car pulled quietly into the parking lot at Ella’s apartment building and she continued building the scope of her own scintillating actions to begin an activity which she had never before braved. Leaning forward onto the backs of their seats again, she lusciously asked, “Would you caring gentlemen mind walking me up to my home? I would gladly make some tea and we can sit down and relax after this long drive home. I know you two have been up since very early this morning and it has been an extremely long day for you to come down and rescue us from such a horrible group of criminals.” With more than just her arms leaning on their seats, Ella had already quietly removed her scrub top leaving only her slim and revealing camisole for these two hot men to see her bosom openly. She pushed herself right between them working to draw their attention as highly as she was attracted to them.

Michael avoided looking at Wayne at all, though he could not remove his attention from Ella’s obvious advance. It was difficult to tell how far she wanted to take things but remembering that he had always been attracted to his friend’s beautiful younger sister, he wanted to accept a reason to spend a little more time with her. “Thanks so much, Ella! Wayne, let’s go have a cup of tea and get our overworked asses off the street for a little while. It’s so late there is no harm in going inside to sit down for a little while. We can send the captain a text about your car so he will know what to do tomorrow.”

As both gentlemen exited the car, Ella made a point of locking elbows with them on both sides, walking them slowly up the two floors to her apartment. Sitting them down in the living room Ella strode coolly into the kitchen, “Hot tea will be ready in just a few minutes for my two favorite rescuers! Just sit there and relax, since you deserve to be taken care of completely after everything you did for the three of us today!” Her mind wound round and round the potential of placing the two of them on either end of her body just working toward spicing up her sexual life from more than she could ever recall.

Michael sat quietly on the couch and glanced over at Wayne, sitting uncomfortably in the chair directly across from him. He thought only about the odd nature of Ella’s behavior, and although even though her acts of appreciation appear just as sweet and adorable as her traditional temperament. Leaning forward he started the work of comfort for a colleague, “Wayne? Is something wrong? You look like you are completely uncomfortable sitting here waiting on a cup of tea.”

“Well, Mike, do you think she is acting a little funny in being different from the other two young ladies? What should we expect sitting here? Do we know what is coming other than a cup of tea? It just sounds like things are a little off course. Are you OK too?”

“Wayne, there is no reason to worry! Ella is a very sweet person and she just appreciates everything we have done to help her and the others out, especially since it was just a job requested by her own family. They are so close and all so nice that they work together to keep everything perfect all the time! Just enjoy a few minutes here with me and a nice young lady and then we will both get to go home and get some sleep.”

From the kitchen counter, Ella grabbed the remote control for the stereo and started a little calm yet seductive music in the open living area. She carried the tea tray back out to her guests with her bosom still open to a scintillating view. Sitting next to Michael first on the couch she leaned over seductively right in front of him to pour tea from the pot into one of the cups. “Here you go dear Mikey! It was so wonderful what you were able to accomplish today for my very life and I couldn’t possibly imagine what I could do to prove my thanks.”

Slowly sliding over to the chair where Wayne was seated, she leaned her chest in front of him while reaching onto the coffee table to fill a cup for him. “Wayne, and you too. I know there was no need for you to go with Mike at all, and your bravery is unbelievable for facing your own danger outside our home country.” Leaning inward to him even farther Ella placed the smallest and sweetest peck on the cheek in hope of setting the mood of luscious romance in her living room.

“Why don’t the two of you just relax for a few minutes and drink your tea. I think I’m going into the bathroom to clean off really quick. I’ve been sweating like crazy in the back of that truck and that miserably hot warehouse for the past few days! I will be back out shortly and we can all relax and recover from this horrible situation that has come upon our lovely hometown.”

Without overdoing her showering Ella left plenty of time for Michael and Wayne to chat briefly in the living room. After completing a quick splurge of washcloth and soap all over, Ella wrapped herself up in the tightest towel she should find and let her blonde hair fall down around her shoulders. Looking in the mirror with her anticipation of what she hoped to happen next with these two gorgeous and admirable men she just said to herself, “Take this body where it has never been before!”

Ella walked slowly back out to the living room wrapped only in her slender little towel. Michael could not take his eyes off the beautiful young woman headed in their direction, but Wayne’s appearance of shock was definitely clear. His eyes were close to popping out of his head and Ella could see his jaw drop ever so slightly. Wayne stuttered, “We we we… We could head out if you are ready to settle in for the night, Miss Ella.”

She chuckled a little, and after noting Michael’s much more comfortable nature she walked erotically over to Wayne first, hoping to both calm and seduce him at the same time. With continued attempts to stumble over words bout leaving and letting her settle in, Ella leaned forward and softly touched her lips to Wayne’s. He drew in a quick breath before settling into the chair and allowing Ella to grab his hand with her open one. She shifted her head to the left and whispered into his ear, “It’s okay, handsome. You can come this way with me.” 

Michael could tell immediately what was about to happen. Although he was a little surprised to see this in Ella’s personality his excitement had already begun. As Ella raised Wayne from his chair to walk toward the bedroom he could only smile a smug little grin when seeing her head bob that waved him in addition to their parade to the next activity. He almost had to prevent himself from skipping in there for something he had not experienced in a long, long time. He thought quickly, “I may have had one threesome in college with a couple of girls I didn’t even really know, and I was so drunk I don’t even really remember it! I know both of these wonderful people and this could be the greatest adventure!”

All three of them took the short walk into the bedroom. Michael and Wayne watched as Ella took a couple of steps back to simply drop her towel to the floor. She had figured previously that there was no other way to jump into this new sexual adventure then to make herself immediately naked. Figuring that all it would do to draw them right into the next stages she sat on the bed and patted her hands at both sides. Michael took the short two steps to sit down at her left and patted her leg softly. Wayne’s eyes close immediately with the feeling of inappropriate attention, and he still appeared shocked at the entire situation. With Ella’s goal to get both of these men into bed to reach a new sexual goal that she had never placed for herself before, she completely ignored those closed eyes and whispered each of their names in their directions.

Michael could almost read Ella’s senses completely and looked calmly at Wayne with the eyes of a confidant. The expression read, “Wayne, don’t worry at all. This happens all the time and is completely normal. The two of us can work together to help Ella feel completely fulfilled in bed. There are various ways we can both touch her and make her raise to the ends of the earth in happiness and satisfaction! She could have multiple orgasms at once.”

Wayne was able to calm down slightly and walk very slowly over to the right of Ella on the bed. Unsure of actually sitting down there with the two of them, he stood there for at least a few minutes looking each of them in the eye. 

Ella laid back on the bed, feeling comfortable in Michael’s touch, and wanted to work further to pull both of them to her. Michael was able to scoot back further onto the bed right away, leaning up on one elbow rubbing Ella’s legs and working his way into the action. She reached her arm out, winked, and casually pointed her finger at Wayne and then turned it over and worked to pull him toward her head and upper region. Licking her lips and tantalizing him with her luscious eyes Ella’s heartbeat increased as she imagined Wayne’s lips on hers while Michael dives into her pelvis. 

Their ménage a trios begins slowly with the Ella’s desires played out first. Clearest to Michael that she was looking to attend to something new in her heart and head, he was fearless in covering himself over her bottom half. Placing his tongue along her pleasure region and rubbing her thighs and butt cheeks seductively to increase her excitement. Listening to her beginning slight noises working up toward orgasm there was nothing more for Michael to consider but the potential to climb up on top of the bed and place his sword inside her precious area.

Wayne presented completely different discomfort and fear while standing next to the bed looking in Ella’s eyes without showing even the slightest desire to begin kissing her or touching her breasts completely available to him. Grabbing one of his hands Ella first sucked one of Wayne’s fingers before placing the entire hand softly onto her right breast. He could feel her heart pulsating speedily, and wondered what he could do to calm her down. 

She began to whisper again, “Wayne, there is no need to shy away or back down. We all have the potential for extreme satisfaction in this adventure, I can make you feel just as wonderful as you do for me. Bring those lips down onto my nipples and we have plenty further to go.”

As Michael chuckled a little while licking Ella’s clitoris she felt even a little closer to what she thought would be the greatest orgasm of her life, both from the broad array of touch she would receive and the rising adventure of this activity as a whole. With the multiple points of reaching her own desires and sexual capabilities Ella finally saw herself as more than just a cute little nurse in some hospitable, but a seductive and sensual young woman who could please herself as well as the young men in her life.

Although Wayne remained reluctant she could see some slight interest in his eyes as she pulled his hands over both of her breasts and up to her mouth. “You are welcome to kiss me you know,” she whispered again. “This is all natural… just part of the human desire and satisfaction activity. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I, I, I… I don’t know if I can do this! I don’t think it’s right for me!” Wayne was clearly shying away, so Ella found herself reaching up to unzip his pants. 

“I can help you feel a little better, a little more comfortable with all of this. You just need to feel as into this as Mike and I already do. It’s no problem at all, just let me help you out.” Without pulling his pants all the way down she was able to pull out his penis and begin stroking it softly in hopes of giving him the erection that Michael already had kneeling down at the foot of the bed in his actions.

Wayne jumped back ever so slightly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I just can’t. You two have a good time without me. This just isn’t for me.” He grabbed the waist of his pants with both hands and started to run for the bedroom door. Tripping over himself he stumbled out of the bedroom and to the front door of the apartment without considering his own ability to get home. Running down the stairs and out the lobby and across the parking lot he stopped to catch his breath and call for a cab to take him home. 

Up in Ella’s apartment, the two lovers paused briefly to look into each other’s eyes in preparation for continuing. “Well, Mikey… It looks like you are the only one up for the sexual adventure of a naughty little nurse like me. Shall we continue down the path of two sensual individuals such as ourselves?”

Michael looked at her, grinning, and thought quietly about what he may be able to do in order to satisfy her immediate desires alone. “It appears that you wanted to complete a threesome here in your own apartment, so are you happy with the two of us completing this initial adventure alone? We can always pull in further adventures later.” With a scintillating wink, he began to crawl up onto the bed while pulling off his own clothes.

Pulling in together into the most passionate intercourse she had ever experienced, Ella felt something wonderful with Michael that she knew had begun by their ménage a trios adding to her own sexual nature and their ability to satisfy one another completely. 

The following morning Ella awoke with a complete feeling of self-satisfaction in her sexual capabilities and as well as her ability to entice any attractive man she can draw into her presence. Smiling up at her ceiling there was plenty to consider in the recent adventure she had completed, building another side of herself beyond the international work project she had initially wanted to take on. With her return home and feeling of fulfillment, she decided to proceed with telephone calls to her family to make sure that they knew she was home and no further concerns were in order. After completing those calls her consideration of where to take her sexuality on the next step rose to the forefront.

First, Ella walked to the police station to at least apologize to Wayne for possibly coming on too strong. After coming to the front of the office and pulling her out the front door, Wayne again had the flustered nature of his voice take over in attempt to talk with Ella. “Um, Ella. Uh, what are you doing here? You already thanked us for our work to come save you from that drug cartel in Mexico, and and there is no need for you to do any more.”

“Well, Wayne, I wanted to come here and at least apologize to you quickly for making you uncomfortable last night. I just wanted to try something adventurous and new without any intention of causing you any problems at all. Please, please, please accept my apologies. I hope you understand, and please at least keep my phone number. We can at least be friends. I think you are a wonderfully nice man and I would hate to believe that I hurt you at all.”

“Thanks, Ella. That’s very sweet of you. I accept your apology and now I need to get back to work. Maybe we can have a drink sometime and just sit down and chat.”

Ella smiled at him sweetly and leaned in to give him a polite kiss on the cheek. “See you later, Wayne. I hope you’re doing well.”

Ella turned around and walked away, without even considering a need to visit Michael regarding the events of the previous evening. All she could think about was her own passionate evolution, and everything that she could view of herself moving forward in the type of relationship that she wanted to have. With both of those gorgeous and kind men providing a kind action to help with save her life and her colleagues’ there was also something new that she was thinking about adding to the man of her dreams on top of kindness and loving care. Battering back and forth between her attraction to two men Ella wondered if she would be able to actually date two men who were both friends and colleagues at the same time. All she kept telling herself was, “No. I don’t think so. They’ve both seen me naked at the same time, and I can’t imagine that anything would keep them from bringing up their activity with me when sitting together in the office or out on duty!” The piece of her that desired a solid relationship including passionate sex had taken over, and she started down the sidewalk considering her next movement.

After a couple of hours, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed slowly. “Hey Edward. How are you? I have a favor to ask… do you think you could give me your friend Mike’s phone number?”

Knowing from the night before that she had built up her confidence and ability to move forward with whatever desires were truly in her heart and mind, Ella took a couple of deep breaths and dialed Michael’s cell number that she had just gotten from Edward. Surprised at his answer after the first ring, she drew in a quick breath and could barely whisper a short “hello.” 

“Ella? Is that you? I already know your phone number so there is nothing you can hide. Is everything okay?”

Ella relaxed quickly and collected her confidence again. “Hi, Mike. I got your number from my brother and wanted to ask you a couple of quick questions. First, are you alright after the way everything went last night? I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable around me at all.”

“Sweetie, you are just fine. It was an interesting experience that you were looking to have for yourself. It definitely draws me into finding out what more you would like to experience and accomplish in life! You are even more attractive than I ever saw before.”

“You found me attractive? Oh wow! I never had any idea!” Then Ella was able to calm herself again and move forward, “Then, Mike, can I ask you if you would like to go out to dinner tonight? Maybe we can actually start from the earlier point in an evening than jumping into it like last night?”

“Are you saying that you didn’t enjoy last night, Ella?”

“OH NO! Not at all! Last night was perfect. You were perfect and made me feel wonderful. It was amazing. It’s just… just… well…”

“What is it?”

“I would like to spend a little time alone with you getting to know you and maybe see where things can go with the two of us, especially since things were so great between us last night!”

“Well then, Ella, how about this… I will plan on coming to pick you up around eight or so tonight and we will just head to that little Mexican restaurant down the street from your building. It looks like it’s pretty quiet and we would be able to have some space to chat openly.” Ella started laughing hysterically into the phone and couldn’t find the ability to stop. “What’s so funny?”

“You want to go to a Mexican restaurant after everything that just happened over the past few days. It’s such an ironic start to the story of whatever may come between us! I love to find a way to laugh. I’ll be ready by eight tonight. See you then!”

Michael started to respond and then Ella had already hung up the phone. She went home waiting anxiously for eight o’clock to arrive, thinking only about how to continue building up the attraction and passion between herself and Michael. The first thing was to rush home and work closely on choosing her outfit for their date.

As the time came nearer Ella’s heart began to jump with anxiety, but also with the desire to complete the same sexually compelling intercourse of the night before. Finally, at just a few minutes past eight there was a knock at the door. Michael had a few small flowers in his hand and gave Ella a sweet kiss on the lips. Perfectly romantic and gentlemanly. She stared deeply into his eyes and threw her arms around his neck to attack his mouth slovenly with her lips and tongue, intending only to begin their course on a passionate level. As the kiss eventually ended Michael leaned back with a huge smile on his face, “Dinner, shall we?”

Ella smiled as well and softly closed the door behind her as she followed him toward the car. At the restaurant in less than a minute they were able to settle into one of the bar top tables facing one another with the ability to speak openly among a quiet area. A couple of margaritas and basket of chips and salsa in, they were both laughing and giggling at the jokes and life stories being shared with each other. With the passionate view running back and forth between their eyes there was almost no time available for a full meal to be cooked and eaten before they were prepared to drag each other into bed. Ella realized she was walking into exactly what she had been thinking about earlier that morning… a relationship filled with passion, attraction and enjoyment. There was no longer a need to hide her desires of coming out of her shell in so many ways. She could live up to the adventures she wanted professionally and personally in every corner of her life. She could be a full and lively woman around Michael without hiding any pieces of herself that had previously made her uncomfortable. It was amazing.

Michael reached into the basket for another chip and Ella eased her hand over to touch his softly. “Mikey. I have something to say to you quickly and if you don’t agree with me I completely understand. Over the past few days you have experienced to of the most exciting and scary events of my life, and last night there was definitely something between us that made a connection. I am not saying anything serious this moment, but our time together is exciting and adventurous and I would like to have more times like that. What about you?”

Michael provided a belly laugh, donning Ella’s brief frown. “No, I’m not laughing AT you, sweetie. It’s fun to think of a woman like you looking for change and adventure in life, and I would be happy to see what we can do with that. Trust me, the excitement and fun are plenty to look forward between the two of us together and last night was incredible as well! I didn’t know if you wanted to stick to just sex like you were pulling in last night or if there was something more you wanted out of it at all.”

“Well, I was able to cross a couple of tight borders when I initially committed to leaving the country to help a small town in Mexico and then again when I expanded my sexual limitations with last night’s adventures as well. I had never expected that, but it was certainly an amazing addition to my life experience.”

“Then you’ve got it, Ella. How about we give some time together a good chance? I have to tell you that I have been attracted to you since I first met you a couple of years ago from your brother, and the chance to experience adventure and excitement together as a ‘couple’, would you say, seems like an incredible opportunity.”

Ella’s frown had already reversed and her smile bled up to her eyes as she stared Michael down across the table. “Then why don’t we take care of the check and head back to my place? You definitely saved me down in Mexico, and last night you placed along to save me from myself. You definitely are my prince charming, and I look forward to giving us a shot!”

With the check paid and a momentary drive down the street, they were inside the apartment, ripping each others’ clothes off and proceeding with more passion and intensity from the first moment.