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The Latest Bestsellers… Suspense and Thrillers to Keep You on Your Toes While Stuck at Home!

Start with some NY Times nonfiction bestsellers to read…

Also… Some NY Times fiction bestsellers to read

Even more bestsellers…all perfect for your entertainment

April Bestsellers – Extended reading while stuck at home

A question of Literacy

My love for historically banned books – Looking into the Bible!

Do we still have books banned today?

Sex in Novels – Can We Say Too Much?

Famous Children’s Books: Banned Before Entering the Classroom

Famous Titles Banned for Their Honest Literary Representation

Controversial Literary Titles that Simply Told World History

Banned Books Part 3: Common Reasons that Are Ridiculous

A book is able to express the incredible power of words to young readers

The Black Market of American Literature: Where Classic Novels Once Were

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