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11 benefits of yoga – Circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems

Physical benefits of yoga for health, weight loss, and anti-aging… Feel better with yoga!
Lifelong Benefits of Yoga…

Bikram yoga and other methods: Practice and teach

Using yoga as a method of working out at home…

Interesting facts about bowspring yoga

At the core of Ananda yoga

More about Ananda yoga

Looking for the best or easiest fitness option to fit into your schedule?

Multi-vitamins vs. supplements: What’s the best intake of essential nutrients?

The best diet for your health and weight?

Pre-packaged meals – Healthy or not so much?

Looking for the perfect workout to match your 2020 health and wellness goals? Well, you can do it on your own!

The Answer You Have Been Looking For – Lose Weight Faster!

Health and the Addiction to Sugar

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Additional Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

What Is the TRUE Value of Fast Food? Those $1 Menus and Other Specials are not Necessarily Savings…

Potential to Eat Healthier at Fast Food Restaurants

Is there a real benefit to saving money on those dollar menus?

Overall Diet Changes Best for Weight Loss

Can We Divert Ourselves from Fast Food?

Helpful Recipe Tips for the Ketogenic Diet


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