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I must admit that I love sports (both playing and watching), and I have a passion for health & wellness, including many different fitness options all throughout the year. I am a runner at heart, but I have learned a lot about other options during cold months when I don’t want to be outside freezing myself to death for a short run. Take a look at some of these workout options!

Lifelong Benefits of Yoga…

Physical benefits of yoga for health, weight loss, and anti-aging… Feel better with yoga!

11 benefits of yoga – Circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems

Using yoga as a method of working out at home…

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So much to learn about Sivananda yoga, and the many benefits it has to offer

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Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga – One fun option for your fitness advances this year!

Even more outdoor, animal yoga and other fitness!

No room in your house for a treadmill? There are plenty of other in-home workout options for 2020!

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Some great home fitness equipment for the coming year

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