Coronavirus Ends in Evictions

I think I just saw the most heartbreaking report yet in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many 10’s of millions of Americans still facing unemployment, millions are months behind on rent as well.

I’m sure we all heard that at the beginning of this month the federal regulation of eviction forgiveness ended. Stimulus ends. People continue to look for work, though not enough is out there.

However, in some of the cities that are already facing some of the highest rates of COVID cases, families are now being evicted from their homes. Judges have enforced orders for law officers to start pushing families out of properties.

This is almost worse than watching those who face hospitalization and even death at the hands of the pandemic. Has it come to the point that judges are now willing to place residents even further at risk of catching COVID?

I have to say that there is so much fear out there, and now we all have to see what so many people have been living with. It almost makes me feel guilty for having the ability to do my work from home. Hell, I am able to take on even more work from home!

There has to be something that I, or even that we all can do for those people in these situations. I know that the report I just saw was only one location: Houston. But, the country keeps evolving and changing as the pandemic barrels on.

It seems that we will all be at risk sometime in the future if we don’t get a grip on it. The virus, I mean. If you notice that the focus on the economy continues to throw the virus into upward and downward spikes. Those are then followed by further spikes up and down in economic issues like unemployment and jobs created. Hmmm… It’s hard to believe that this is just a coincidence!