Protests Continue in The News…Is it More than That?

We have tens of thousands of protesters filling the streets of American cities. Protesters work to speak out openly against racial injustice and police violence. But, is there more to the message being expressed? Is there finally a much larger portion of the population who recognize what Trump is doing to America? What he is trying to do to the American people?

At this point, Trump has reduced the moral value of our nation across the world. There are even protests happening in the UK and some other places in response to what is happening in the United States. So, are that many people here domestically and across the world ready to speak out against Trump’s actions and words?

From all of the ridiculous social media posts that he freely spatters about the internet, feeling that he does not need to work for the benefit of the people, but only for himself, there is so much that needs to be done.

Maybe this is the time that the American people should be focused on the role of America in the world. It is time for Americans to take our country back. We are a democracy. This is a place where the constitution and the voice of every individual are intended as valuable.

There has to be so much more to it than that. We are at about 2 weeks of protests. How much longer will they last?