Has 2020 been what you expected?

Well, I can only say that my reaction to the first half of this year is DUMBFOUNDED.

I don’t even know what to expect from the remainder of 2020, much less where we will be 12 months from now. Have we dug ourselves into a hole so deep that there is no way to possibly climb out?

I admit that I am one of the most negative people in response to Trump’s theories and actions, but can we blame everything on him? Are we doing exactly the same thing if we simply point the finger of blame in his direction without trying to take corrective action?

There is so much to ask of us all. So much to conisder about how we will be able to recover from the issue of Coronavirus and everything it has done to America. The health deprivation, economic despair, and personal liabilities that we are all facing leaves America so much darker than the rest of the world.

So many other countries have been able to at least been able to pull themselves up to a point of few cases, hospitalizations, and FAR less deaths than America. But, for some reason COVID-19 is taking us over completely.

Where do we go from here? Will we have some sort of backlash from COVID-19 that lasts for years to come? We have to consider the idea that this may remain in the USA for years to come. Whether it is the virus itself, the fact that viruses must be received, and much more control in the long run, or even the need to research the disease overall, knowledge and preparation is highly necessary.

Will medical researchers, doctors, and scientists be able to wrap our arms around this disease? Hopefully, the answer is yes and we will be able to manage this as well as the flu that once played a similar role in our country so many years ago!