November: National Epilepsy Month

For all of my friends and family there is a great knowledge for the influence which my own epilepsy has had on life over the past twenty or so years, but there is so much to be learned for everything that can be done for everyone else in the world facing the various difficulties and challenges of epilepsy on a daily basis. epilepsy month 2

I know that I wrote an extremely interesting article a little over a year ago on the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy, helping raise the point (at least to myself) of some of the natural health benefits that are possible for not only epilepsy and seizure but other conditions faced within the human body. It’s hard to believe that after all of these years there must be some natural ways to help add control to the occurrence of my seizures without constantly changing medication or facing the potential of brain surgery.

I guess so many people think of the straightforward common definition of epilepsy as in just being the occurrence of grand mal seizures with an individual falling on the floor in convulsions. I personally know this is not the case, and that I myself have faced at least two different types of seizures over my own over the past twenty years, while I cannot speak for others who may have had completely different experiences. I am sure there are plenty of individuals around the world who could stand to learn plenty more about the seizures that their friends, family, colleagues and others around them may be facing on a daily basis.

So, in researching dietary supplements for my seizure medications it does appear that there are plenty of options to be looked into, which I will likely discuss in more detail later, but I know that spreading my voice and hope for successful treatment of this difficult condition to others under the same fall of darkness. I wish the best to all of you others with your own epileptic seizures or children or others close to you with epilepsy and hope to help lead you to some positive research in adding to the medical treatments which do not always prove effective.

It is wonderful to know that there are so many places for all of us with epilepsy and relatives facing this condition including a community called My Epilepsy Team, which I have joined and love seeing daily responses of others who face the same challenges as me. The Epilepsy Foundation of America is also standing up for National Epilepsy Month, both on Facebook and with locations all over the country to connect with patients and their families. We all need to work together in support of those facing this life altering disease!


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