Technology, electronics, and energy

At this point, there is so much more to the technology of 2022 than the electronic devices that we carry or the apps that we use on our phones and computers. We are moving into an age where sustainable energy will become so important, moving along with the preservation of our country and planet. So, what are those energy resources that will be come so important? Where will they be used? Some of that info can be seen here…and there will be much more to come!

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Has The Internet Taken Over Our Lives?

Research Questions: Could Algae be the Next Source of Renewable Energy?

Additional Renewable Energy Sources from Nature

Hydrogen: Renewable Energy Source in Iceland

LED Lighting

How is solar energy doing?

Solar Roadways

Tesla Powerwall

Compost Power

What Steps Can We Take in a Move Away from Fossil Fuels?

Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Energy Options

Rainwater and Composition

Compost Bin Water Heater

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