Just Learned: Blue Collar Blueprint to Rebuild America

Something about all of this is what made me believe in president Biden when he was running for office last year. There is so much about our nation’s infrastructure that could use an update, or even the efforts needed to catch up with the rest of our lives. So much more is needed for us than the technology that we have on our computers and phones. The IT needed for the work we do both from home and in the office we need for the rest of our everyday lives as well.

I know that I sit in a part of the nation where our roads are constantly under construction. It seems though there are other issues that have to continue with nitpicking work in an effort to keep construction workers paid. But with the ability to move forward with an updated and upgraded infrastructure, there is still so much that we could all use with advanced highway systems and more. So much of our infrastructure has just been sitting still for many years now. 

So, have we been standing at a pause in relation to the rest of the world when it comes to these upgrades that could keep us in competition economically and functionally? I have to think that the advancement forward in so many of our life needs would help us start to come to a realization as to where we stand in relation to other countries that were able to do things like fight the pandemic more efficiently and are able to handle things like population increases on a more educated level. 

I have to admit that it seems like we have sort of become one of the low-minded countries in the 21st century. We started out at a positive rate at the end of the 90s, but something has sort of fallen behind over the past 20 years or so. I know that something about what I have seen in our lives has made me feel a bit poorly about the world that I have presented to my son, my only child. It seems that so much more could have been done for the past couple of decades to keep us up to speed with the rest of the globe. 

I guess at this point, with votes working their way through our government, we can all hope for some sort of positive outcome in relation to the jobs that could be available across our nation. This could be both in the building of these infrastructure updates and the integrating of them into all of our systems. Let’s keep up hope!