Readers from around the world: Any Coronavirus advice for the United States?

With all of this now being a global pandemic, I would LOVE to hear from all of you around the world who have already seen the effects of the Coronavirus in your community.

It definitely appears that the United States has been working behind the urgency of COVID-19, as it was often underplayed by our federal leadership in the earlier days of its presence around the world. Now we have to step up and fight back rather that work ahead of what possibly “could happen.”

Testing continues to increase and the number of cases around our nation continue to spike drastically by the hour. In a 24-hour period there have been numbers that increase by about 1,000 at a time almost every day. Sometimes in only a couple of days there has been the increase of about 5,000 cases over a weekend.

So, we have the view of what has happened in so many other countries around the world, but we still have no action taken. There are still no firm answers from our federal leaders as to what they will do firmly.

All of my international followers: What did your government leaders do well in response to the onset of this disease? Was there anything your community did together to help work for each other to minimize the effects of this disease?

It’s amazing to think that despite the fear this initiates, this horrible disease has the ability to bring our greatly divided nation together…