Handling COVID-19 at the national and state levels

At this point, there is so much to see about how both the state and federal governments will work together to manage COVID-19. All of the crises that are combining to weigh down the American population, both in health and economics, have a great effect on everyone. The most important thing to consider is the health of everyone around us. We must all remember that there are people all around us, and it is important to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave.

It has become important at this point for all government leaders to work together for the benefit of the people. It’s amazing to see what people are doing with the fear and the panic that are taking over the country.

Of the most importance is the message being passed around the nation to all Americans: Behave as if you have the Coronavirus. Stay home and don’t expose others to it, especially not seniors or others who may have underlying conditions.

This may be difficult, and more so for some of us than others. Many people may be used to that routine that includes going to the office every morning, and driving all over the city in a car, or traveling around, and now you need to spend your time at home. It’s a difficult transition, but it is definitely possible.

I can say as someone who has done a great deal of my work from home for years now, there is no reason to freak out. You can still get up and walk around, and transfer your movement from time to time. Maybe get up and take the dog for a walk, do some of your chores, exercise or stretch your legs, and other activity. One mention that I heard was basically, “Don’t just lay on the couch and eat potato chips.”

It is the best thing to do as much of work from home as possible, and you can also exercise, learn to cook, take care of early spring cleaning, and other things. Be creative. Read a book online. Do or learn something new to entertain your time. There are many options!

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